Peace, Knowledge, and Understanding

MEDI+SWARM’s mission is to bring peace, knowledge, and understanding to individuals suffering from disease. We want to build a community that provides access to real-life data of what works and what doesn’t. MEDI+SWARM makes it easy to meet others like yourself, get your questions answered, share your own knowledge and ideas, and browse the most interesting information about the health and the disease issues that you care about.



A place to connect

Learning that you have a disease or even multiple diseases can be a lonely experience. Regardless of whether or not your disease is common, it simply isn’t easy to find and meet others that understand what you are going through. MEDI+SWARM changes this by providing customized disease communities in a unified social health network. You are able to meet and communicate with others that truly understand what you are experiencing.


A place to get answers

Questions you ask on MEDI+SWARM are posted within your selected communities–where experts and authorities, and other community members with relevant knowledge can respond. The answers are then archived and organized so they can be accessed by anyone else with the same question. MEDI+SWARM is the best place to find answers for health and the disease issues you care about.


A place to share ideas

Individually, there is only so much that a single person can do. Whether it be a doctor, a researcher, or a patient or caregiver, when an individual’s ideas are shared, seeds for discovery are planted and ideas can grow into solutions. MEDI+SWARM archives and organizes the best ideas so they can be accessed, expanded upon, researched, and grown into solutions.

About the Founders

Our Story

After a brush with death from complications due to chronic disease, Dylan decided it was time to do something about it! While living with his chronic disease he suffered from feelings of loneliness—Dylan desperately wanted to talk with someone like himself to know not only what to expect long-term, but to share ideas about what helps and what worsens his condition. While talking with one of his doctors, Dylan asked what he could do so his doctor could better treat him. The doctor replied that he only treated one person like Dylan, but if he treated a thousand people just like Dylan he could treat Dylan so much better. Dylan realized that there was a need for people to meet other people like themselves, and to collect data on what works and what doesn’t so doctors could better treat every patient. With the help of two very smart friends, MEDI+SWARM was created to address these needs.

Randon Morford


Randon Morford brings more than 13 years of product management and design, and 5 years of executive management expertise in growing businesses. Among other things, he was actively involved in laying the foundations for desktop and mobile video. Randon’s personal experience with a chronic health issue and chronic diseases within his own family have escalated his desire to bring his expertise to bare in strengthening communications between patients, doctors, and researchers to find solutions for chronic disease.

Dylan Nelson


Dylan is a young entrepreneur that led the best alternative fund managed by students–awarded by an international competition called RISE with the world’s largest student investment forum. More recently, Dylan worked as an associate at a boutique mergers and acquisitions firm.

Brent VanderMeide


Brent has nearly 20 years of software development experience, with the last two as an engineering and scalability architect in the health industry, and over a decade of which has been leading engineering teams in capacities such as lead senior software engineer, director of software development, and chief software architect for organizations ranging from startups to enterprise corporations. He brings a strategic, creative, and ambitious disposition with a portfolio of recommendations and projects to make him a perfect fit for MediSwarm. His experience includes designing, implementing, and deploying multi-platform systems with architectures to enable high availability and linear scalability. Also vital to our success are his experiences creating and integrating social media platforms and designing business intelligence analysis strategies on big data with machine learning.