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Peace, Knowledge, and Understanding

MEDI+SWARM’s mission is to bring peace, knowledge, and understanding to individuals suffering from disease. We want to build a community that provides access to real-life data of what works and what doesn’t. MEDI+SWARM makes it easy to meet others like yourself, get your questions answered, share your own knowledge and ideas, and browse the most interesting information about the health and the disease issues that you care about.



A place to connect

Learning that you have a disease or even multiple diseases can be a lonely experience. Regardless of whether or not your disease is common, it simply isn’t easy to find and meet others that understand what you are going through. MEDI+SWARM changes this by providing customized disease communities in a unified social health network. You are able to meet and communicate with others that truly understand what you are experiencing.


A place to get answers

Questions you ask on MEDI+SWARM are posted within your selected communities–where experts and authorities, and other community members with relevant knowledge can respond. The answers are then archived and organized so they can be accessed by anyone else with the same question. MEDI+SWARM is the best place to find answers for health and the disease issues you care about.


A place to share ideas

Individually, there is only so much that a single person can do. Whether it be a doctor, a researcher, or a patient or caregiver, when an individual’s ideas are shared, seeds for discovery are planted and ideas can grow into solutions. MEDI+SWARM archives and organizes the best ideas so they can be accessed, expanded upon, researched, and grown into solutions.